Valentine’s Day Catnip Pouch (For the Makers)

catnip pouch for Valentine's Day


Last night I saw a post on the For the Makers blog, with cute Valentine’s decorations for the cloth pouches that come in their subscription boxes. They show the pouches holding candy, but I thought it would be fun to fill one with catnip. If you want to make your own refillable catnip pouch, here’s what you need:

For the Makers catnip pouch supplies

First embroider the heart using a simple backstich, then fill it in if you want to. Be careful to only sew through the top layer of fabric!

Embroidering the heart

Next, tie the ribbon to the drawstring to pull them through the top of the pouch. You have to cut the slit open a little bit with scissors to get the ribbon to go through.

Drawing ribbon through the pouch

To finish up, fill the pouch with catnip and the shredded paper from your box. It crinkles and gives the bag a nice texture for the cat to play with. Close the pouch tightly with a bow.

Finishing the pouch


catnip pouch


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