Review: Advanced Style

Finally, a book that celebrates the poise and vivacity of women who have spent decades refining their personal style! This is one of the better `book of the blog’ types that I’ve received, but you certainly don’t need to be familiar with the Advanced Style blog to enjoy the book. The women in this book look amazing, and I don’t mean `for their age’, I mean just totally amazing in general. I wouldn’t be surprised if this turned out to be the freshest and most inspiring fashion book of 2012.

This book is 98% photos, page after page of lovely women wearing the most beautifully put together outfits. There’s a range of looks from quintessential elegance to total bohemian. What’s striking is how much of the wearer’s personality shines through. Usually when I look at street snaps, I’m focused on the clothes and haven’t got much interest in the wearer. But the women in this book seem like they’d be good for conversation over a cup of tea. I wish I knew more about them, what their homes look like or what paths their lives took that made them get through the years and looking more vibrant and beautiful than woman half their age.

The book itself is somewhat small for a photo book but thick and printed on good heavy paper with a nice sheen. The headings are set in a typeface that can be hard to read, but those with imperfect sight will be pleased to see that most type has been set quite large for easy reading. Overall it’s an easy book to look through.

Personally, I’ve never been a very conservative dresser. When I was younger, people would tell me, `wear that while you can,’ meaning that one day I’d be working in a cubicle somewhere in a navy suit with pantyhose and 2″ pumps. Now in my 30s I find myself looking for style inspiration from women my age or older who aren’t content to spend the rest of their lives shopping at LL Bean. Am I supposed to give up on personal style now that I’m all grown up? I didn’t think so, but having this book of concrete examples to the contrary is certainly an inspiration.

Unlike most fashion books, this one will make you feel good about getting older. This book would make a wonderful gift for anyone interested in fashion, young or old.

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